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Some useful web sites about Homoeopathy

"" The official web site of the Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association.
""  The Homoeopathic portal for all your needs.

"" The premium site of Homoeopathic Medical Panorama, International Journal.
"" The portal of Kozhikode Government Homoeopathic Medical Collage, the premier institution in Homoeopathy.
"" The site of Hahnemannian homoeopathy.
"" The Site of Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homoeopathy (ISM&H), Govt. of India.
"" The Central Council of Homoeopathy, India website
"" The site by Dr. David Mundy and Ms. Jo Evans, London practitioners interested in research about 'sea remedies'.
"" The site about vaccination and its merits/demerits in detail. By Dr. Tinus Smits from Netherlands.
""  Site by Dr. Karen Jonas, Classical Homoeopath from Canada. 
"" The home page of British Institute of Homoeopathy, Canada.
""  The site of International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, New York city campus-George Vithoulkas.
"" The 'ABC of Homoeopathy'. A simple and comprehensive site on Homoeoapthy by Simon Broadley.
"" An extensive site about alternative medicine particularly Homoeopathy with diverse sections and topics covered. "" The site with vast information about homeopathy and homeopathic medicines.
"" Web site of Ms. Jonice M. Owen, Classical Homoeopath and Chiropractic physician from California, US.
"" The New Zealand Council of Homeopathy site. An authentic website about Homeopaths in New Zealand.
"" A practical, informative website for easily understanding the science of homeopathy with access to carefully formulated, affordable, combination remedies. 
"" Natural Health, Nutritional, Herbal and Vitamin Supplements Guide. Providing evidence-based and education information for health conscious consumers of natural products.


Sites by Indian Homoeopaths

"" The Virtual Medical World of Post Graduate Homoeopaths by Dr. K. R. Mansoor Ali. An extensive site.
"" The site of  Dr. Binuraj, a practicing homoeopath as well as a computer fanatic.
"" By Dr. Girish Gupta of Gourang clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic research.
""  By Dr. Rajesh Shah, The Foundation for Homoeopathic Research
""  The homeopathic hospital of Dr. Sreevals G. Menon.
"" The site of Dr. V. Muraleedaran from Thrissur 
"" The site of Dr. Jayadev.
"" The site by Dr. Anil Singhal. Contains articles, current topics, surveys, events, encyclopedia, reviews and a world directory.
"" The site by Dr. K. P. Akbar, a Homoeopath of long experience from Kannur, Kerala. 
"" Homoeopathic Website by Dr. A. Kannan MD (Hom). Chat, E-mail, Events, News, Articles, Book reviews, etc… 
"" The web site of expert system in Homoeopathy.


Sites of Homoeopathic and General Medical Journals

Homoeopathic Journals
"The Homoeopathic Links" The Asian edition of the international Journal on Homoeopathy.
"The Indian Homoeopathic Recorder" The Journal of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians.
"Indian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine" The journal by The Holistic Foundation for Homoeopathy.
"The Homoeopathic Heritage" A prominent Indian Homeopathic journal.

General Medical Journals
"MedScape" A full text online multimedia journal on Clinical Medicine.
"The Lancet" The premier medical journal of United Kingdome. Offers free registration.
"BioMedNet" This site offers free abstracts of full text library articles from the 'Current Opinions'.
"Patient Care" A site offering full text articles, interesting cases and new developments in medicine.
"Medical Journals list A-Z" A site for the catogarised list of medical journals' publishers.


Interesting sites on medicine and allied fields

Dental & Nursing Continuing Education - Scripps"  Scripps Educational Services has been providing quality home-study courses for Continuing Education credit since 1985.
"The Doctors' Page"  This site features consumer health information materials by topic
"Health Library" A site from 'Health Gate' a free searchable patient-directed text descriptions of diseases, medical tests and surgical procedures.
"MDInetractive" A site offering disease-catogarised Internet links presented by a team of physicians as a public service.
"The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variations" A multimedia encyclopedia about human anatomic variations. 
"Fetal Echocardiography" A site where there is a library of  images and discussion forums about congenital cardiac anomalies.
" &". Sites by Ashok T. Jaisinghani.
Fluwikie.Com" Perhaps the best resource about bird flu on the web.


Online medical Sites

""  An elaborate online medical site from the middle east. Featuring alternative medicines including Homoeopathy also. 
"" A site for international hospital recruitments and overseas health care employment.
"" More international recruitment in Health care and hospital fields.
"" Another online medical site from the middle east with much useful information.
"" The doctors window to the World of Medicine. The site also features an updated online drug reference index.


Some general sites with related interest to medicine

"" The site of World Health Organisation.
"" The website of central Council for Homeopathy, India.
"" The website of the Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates.
Know more about Islam and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) (


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