"Homeo_Web" - The Internet Group!

The internet group 'Homeo_Web' is a yahoo group with free open membership
Any qualified complementary and alternative medical practitioners can join the group.
It is an exiting place for professionals to express and exchange their views.
Here one can send/receive e-mails to/from every other member of the group.
Members can also use a variety of other facilities like files, photos, polls and chat. 

The group URL is http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Homeo_Web

To join all what you have to do is click the button given below.
(Note that you need a Yahoo ID to join the group)


You can opt to subscribe to the Homeoweb group e-mail alone.
(Note that you do not need a Yahoo ID to join the group e-mail alone)
For that please enter your e-mail id in the box below and click the 'join' button .

Alternately you can send a blank mail to Homeo_Web-subscribe@yahoogroups.com from your email.

Please read the terms & conditions for group members before you join.